06 August, 2009

Shadow Drawing Workshop

Brett Campbell brought a touch of the eighteenth century to a modern art gallery at the Louise Blouin Institute in West London last weekend in a children's workshop on shadow drawing.

"Magical," said one parent. "A real buzz."

Exploring the use of light, dark and reflection in the works exhibited in the current show 'Design High', curated by Natalie Kovacs, the children created a world of shadows using paper cut-outs, dextrous finger twisting and drawing.

"Very inspiring and empowering," said another parent. "I loved the fact the children created in a space where real art works were on display."

The workshop culminated in a race between the children and their shadows, based on Aesop's The Hare and the Tortoise, and a triumphant march around the gallery.

Future workshops at the Institute led by Brett Campbell will include making palm leaf books and pop-up collages.

For more information
or to take part, contact studio@brettcampbell.co.uk

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Caroline said...

Fabulous, I love this.