22 May, 2009

Brett Campbell hairs to represent Britain

Hair Brett and Hair Campbell have posted two hairs from their very own barnets to Norway. The hairs will take part in Norwegian artist Kurt Johannessen's "The Hair Collection".

Johannessen is collecting single hairs to appear in exhibitions, performances and books.

"It is important that those who give do so in their own free will," says Johannessen. "I also want them to personally pull out the hair they wish to give me."

Sobriety essential
"We put our hairs through a rigorous selection process," says Campbell. "We insisted on sobriety, love of the cold and sociability. They will be joining hundreds of other hairs in Kurt's project and it's essential they give Britain a good name."

Brett and Campbell have a long standing relationship with hair. Each own over 900 that live at the respective north poles of the artists. [and some at the south too - campbell]

No drunks hairs here
"Our hairs are tough," says Brett. "They've withstood major changes in climate over the past year, not to mention attempted poisoning. We have every confidence they'll deliver the goods for Kurt's project but sobriety was essential.

"It's a long journey to Norway. [Over a week in a small brown envelope.] Drunken brawls in a confined space could have resulted in the hairs escaping en-route. Also, drunken hairs tend to tie others in knots. We hope our hairs will enhance rather than tangle Kurt's project."

Need more hair? See Angel Cuts by Brett Campbell
and "The Hair Collection" by Kurt Johannessen.

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Nancy Campbell said...

Let us hope the North Sea is haar free as the hairs hasten hoff ...