05 December, 2008

Being very clear

Q: What do you have to say about "yellowing" and what is it?

Brett: "Yellowing" is a current project, going on at the same time as "Tracey".

Q: They may be two projects but they're not quite clear to those that don't know what they're about, are they?

Brett: Well, they're extremly clear to me. Yellowing is my current book - I'm making a book, with typed words, hand-written words, drawings, collage, painting... It's very personal, very straight-talking. And there are funny bits. And Tracey is an ongoing project avec Campbell, which will burst eardrums.

Q: And what's the relevance of the photo? And what is the Tracey project?

Brett: Tracey's a secret. The photo is about concentration - as in focus and quality. It's the kitchen of a place I lived in the high Himalayas. I was focused on writing with the fire crackling and heavy rain pouring outside. It's an elemental place. Basic's my favourite way of being. It seems to bear rich fruit.

Q: What's this comment you made about not wanting anyone to ask you "why" or "what" questions? Rather limiting, wouldn't you say?

Brett: I'm fed up with people asking why and what? If you're asking that stuff, shut-up! Shut-up and listen from all of you that is not ears. Can't you hear through your skin? It's meant to be your biggest sense organ. Cut the words and listen. Silence has more to tell than a million words.

Q: How are you feeling about words?

Brett: I'm not that interested in just words at the moment. They're too one dimensional. If a stone rolls back to enter a cave, I'm more into the sensation than the description of it in words. That said, they're pretty good for getting the point across. But there are swarms of words in the world and most of them are pointless. Words with visuals, a voiceover on a film -- that's currently a more juicy area than straight text.

Q: What is the point of Brett Campbell?

Brett: Ask Campbell.

Q: And what is the point of Brett Campbell?

Brett: To answer all that is asked about and all that is not. And to show how life really is.

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